Saturday, April 24, 2010

Started Soccajoey's today.

It was kickass.

I scored a goal and everything!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reject the Recession

Reject the Recession is a campaign being run by the Sunrise team on Channels 7’s Sunrise program. I read on Dad's blog that he is doing his own Reject the Recession campaign on Tourabout's tours and vacations search site.

Norkeling in Fiji

While I was in Fiji I went norkeling with Mum and Dad.
It was great I saw Nemo and starfish and lots of other fishies too.

Dad put me in my floaties and Mum and Dad just towed me around and pointed out lots of things for me to look at.

Later on Poppy came out too and took me for a swim on his back, excellent !

If you're thinking of trying it i'd say get on it.

I really liked norkeling i Fiji cause the water was warm and there was lots of fishies to see.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Lil Sista

My Lil sister 'Coco' arrived yesterday at 1.15pm in the afternoon.

Mum and sis are doing great.

Coco is doing really great with me because she gave me a kickass emergency rescue centre with helicopters and ambulances and firetrucks... nice one sis.

Welcome to the world sis I got your back....
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

OK so here is the rundown on Birthday #2

Ok team it's my Birthday today Yahoo !!(13/12/08) and as it's my second I'm a bit of an old hand at it now so I'll run you young uns through it so you know what the skinny is.

Ok, get up early and flash the pearly whites at Mum so she knows I love her and the pressies. Nice one ma! a whole herd of animals, a blow up jumping castle ..sweet.. and some new Thomy Cars from Nana noice Toot Toot !!

Go to the play centre and go nuts on the new trampoline,
wicked bouncing bro's

Go to my B'day Party in the afternoon, get a bucket load of pressies from the cousins and grand parents..... fooly sic man

Have a Hippo Birdy sing, a feed....

Eat some wicked Penguin birthday cake mum and grandma made, sweet

Oh, don't forget to give some to dad too

Now, Go on a quick but very satisfying sugar rush "kickass !!"

Eat some more and hang with Grandmaa for a bit, love it...

Then, well you know the drill.....

Go home loosen the belt and have a well earned snooze..

All in all a pretty successful day I reckon, thanks team boooyaaaa !!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Fastest eggs in the West

If you've ever wanted to cook the fastest eggs in the west try this kickass recipe.